Lately I have been working with the logarithmic spiral.  How can a simple curving line evoke such different emotions depending on its curve?  The Archimedes equable spiral is static.  But the logarithmic or golden spiral based on the Fibonacci numbers grows, stretches, pushes against it’s confines.

This spiral informs the growth of shells, flowers, bark growth and, dear to me, the pine cone. This left-handed spiral also governs the lines of force and the motion of celestial bodies. Harmony and beauty found in the pattern of continuous motion. Is this beauty innate to us?


  • Fibonacci cast in steel
  • Book ON Form and Growth 1961 by D'Arcy Thompson Cambridge University Press
  • Fibonacci drawging on paper
  • Fibonacci drawing on paper 2
  • Fibonacci pine cone spirals
  • Fibonacci shell
  • Fibonacci cast in steel ddifferent light