Kara Hill Studio is committed to an integration of architecture and art. We believe in a commitment to every project and thus our office limits the number of projects accepted per year to assure her full participation throughout the process. Projects include buildings for the arts, personal residences and art installations. To successfully complete a project, we prefer to be involved from the initial conceptualization to the final construction phase.

Our work focuses on the sculpting of space and light. Whether a home, office or art museum, our architectural design process explorers the connections between landscape and interior spaces. A passion for materials has led us to explore how the properties of materials can enhance the sense of space and light, often through exploring movement whether of people or of times of the day.

All phases of a project's design can be accommodated including extensive knowledge of program analysis and development, formulating conceptual design and final design completion. Our office also embraces a particpation for presentations for the project including fund raising and publicity.