Geometry was one of my favorite subjects in school.   One of the 7 Liberal Arts. Its origins were in the simple need for plotting, building, buying--Greek for land measurement. Today it is so easy to simply solve complex measurements through devices. Art and architectural education of the past necessitated an understanding of geometric principles to capture perspective.  Today it is so much easier to click to expand an abstract idea into the full three dimensional form.

Yet I find myself reading and sketching about those earlier principles. The explosion of the Maker World culture also fills notebooks with Old School studies of: folding metal plates into visors; configuring new tarps and tents; bending wood into boats.  

Modeling becomes a meditative practice of contemplating materials and shapes. And messing up. The joy of mistakes where so much true beauty is found.


  • Geometry angles for drawing.
  • Geometry plans for folding metal
  • Geometry folded metal visor
  • Geometry 3 dimensional abrtract drawings
  • Geometry; complex aewsome tent designs
  • Geometry; more complex tent designs with material