Mississippi View Apartment
Minneapolis, MN

2015 AIA MN Honor Award

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Midwest Home Magazine article

Situated in a 1965 residential tower, the first in downtown Minneapolis, the project combines two units which had not been renovated in 50 years into one. The owners have an extensive collection of work from Asia and Africa which they wanted to highlight in the renovation.

The plan maintains a core along the residential corridor with two baths, a kitchen and laundry space. All the remaining walls have been removed to create a long linear space that accentuates the Mississippi River views that link from window to window.  

Columns that had been incorporated into walls are now freestanding. Mechanical pipe risers that were in walls are wrapped in rope. A sleeping area can be separated through rolling pocket doors.

Designed and finished by Kara Hill Studio.

  • fab japanese silk
  • marble table
  • alternate living room view
  • restroom sink
  • kitchen view
  • counter view
  • marble table